Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Venting About the House

Another beautiful day...well cloudy and rainy day...for work to be done at our humble abode!
Dan and Daryl are working on the final touches on the front of the house. 
Dan installing the last of the part of the trim.

The HVAC/Geothermal guys have brought in the vents and ducts. They are all currently residing in Tommy's room until the HVAC guys install them. 

Some of the ductwork in the playroom.
The fireplace now has all the plywood installed on it. 

One of the HVAC guys working on installing the duct pipe in the girls room. 
Top of the stairs.
Office with view over stairs.
Duct over the girls bedroom. 

We're also getting HardieWrap on the Screened Porch!
The pex pipes are also getting installed today. :)

The holes have been cut for the vents in the floors. This vent is in the guest bathroom. 
Vents in the Master bath and closet.
Vent in the Master Bedroom.
Great Room vent is cut and some of the pipes for the plumbing.
Plumbing vents through the safe room.

Installing trim over the garage/front porch.
HardieWrap on the garage.
Back of the garage getting the same treatment. 
Cool view of the front gable. Love the clouds. 
Foyer vent. Sometimes these pictures are HARD to place! 
That's all for today. Tomorrow should be just as much crazy fun! 
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