Friday, January 6, 2012

Ceiling on the second floor? Check!

I don't know how the day slipped away from me, but some how it did and I wasn't able to get out to take pictures at all until this evening...but I did take pictures! We are slowing down with the number of "big" changes that are happening visually with the house - but the number of "small" changes is starting to increase.
 One of the small changes happening is we now have a ceiling in our office space. 
Tommy had fun crawling out onto the "plant shelf" or whatever that spot above the stairs is supposed to be called. There isn't a window there, so I don't know the technical term. :)
Another angle of the office with all the scaffolding up to create the ceiling.
They set up scaffolding to put the ceiling up in the rest of the great room too. 

 The closet in the girls room has been finished...and we made a decision about it. It's no longer going to be the girls closet. In fact this room is no longer going to be the girls room. Tom convinced me that this room serves us better as a play room and the closet is big enough to use as the homeschool room - WITH the option of shutting and locking the door when school is not in session. So we're moving the girls to what I was going to use as the homeschool room.  
Here's the room the girls will now be staying in. 
   Not much changed in Tommy's room. 
 Then we headed outside where we noticed something we hadn't on the way into the house...We've got Shingles! (for the roof, not the disease!)
 Next week we should be getting the shingles placed on the roof! Hip Hip Hooray!

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