Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another great Tommy saying

Today Tommy found some play money on the floor. He held it up and said, "Mommy I found money for the basket!" He wanted to find a basket so he could put the money into it like we do at church every week. :)
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Funny Tommy Sayings

Tommy has been saying some of the funniest things lately and I don't want to forget - so here we go.

July 4, 2008: Tommy was playing with Sebastian, my sister's kitten, and noticed him purring. He asked me, "Is the kitty snoring?"

July 15, 2008: Tommy and I were playing cars. During breakfast, Becky had thought it was fun to carry around a plastic frog inside the kids clown mug. I was drinking some hot chocolate when Tommy said "I'm going to go get the Froggy!" and ran off. I thought to myself, "OK, whatever makes playing cars more exciting..." So he runs back with the little frog Becky had put in the clown mug and promptly tosses it into my hot chocolate! :) What can you do, right?

July 22, 2008: Some friends gave Tommy and Becky a "Sea-Monkey" kit when Nikki was born. Tom helped Tommy get it started about a month ago. About a week or two ago, Tommy started filling up a little cup and putting the lid on it and leaving it on the counter of the bathroom. Today, Tommy informed me what the cup of water was. His cup of water held "fishes". Apparently he thinks that if he adds water to a cup, fish will also grow in the water. :)
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