Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ceiling for the Dining Room and Screened Porch

The ceiling for the screened porch has been put up! :)
 Here's a view of the ceiling from Tommy's bedroom. 

 The girls room with the roof put on (minus the shingles, but someday soon, those too will arrive. 
 The attic window next to the girls room. 
 This is the window that will be in the girl's closet.
 Friday evening we took Daddy to see the exciting changes on the ceiling of the dining room. 
 They put an x-pattern on top of the drop ceiling in the dining room. I'm not sure what it does, so I'll have to ask them next week. 
 Becky, Tommy, and Daddy walking out on the Screened Porch ceiling. 

 They also built scaffolding in Tommy's room so they can begin building the final roof over our house next week. 

  View of the top of the dining room and the roof over the great room.

 Becky loves cheesing for the camera!

 View of the roof over the front porch from the girls room. 

 View from the hallway looking over the great room. 
 Screened porch at night. Dan and Daryl even built a railing here for the kids. 
 Here's a view of the Dining room ceiling and the kitchen in the very back. 
 Screened porch. 
 Tom and Tommy enjoying the screened porch. 
 View of the dining room from the kitchen. 

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Dropping Wire

It's hard to believe that just a few short months ago, all this was bare ground. Now we have a house with a roof and are quickly filling the interior with electrical wire and ductwork. 
 The wood has been delivered for the porch ceilings. I can't wait to see what it looks like up on the ceiling. :)
 A view of our fireplace all covered up because they foamed the duct work in the attic! It was pretty crazy walking around the house trying to figure out what that stuff on the floor was from. Daylight does wonders. :)
 Wires are starting to go crazy in our house. They are everywhere! Our Master Bedroom...
 ...our master closet...
 ...and finally wind up here in the basement garage. 
 Last night Tom and I also ran our Cat 6 cables for the house. It's hard to see where we put our wires since we tried to keep them away from electrical wires, but they are there! :)
 It's been a while since I checked out our storm shelter storage room, so here's a shot of it with the reinforced walls. 
 A different angle of the mechanical room. 
Daryl and Tim setting the trim for the siding downstairs. 
 I had no idea that they put siding behind the trim to set it at the right depth. Pretty cool to see! 
 Finished with the bottom trim.
The giant wall of siding. I believe the brick layers will be here at the end of the week to lay brick. I can't wait to see the two together!
  It's looking pretty good. I met with the painter to go over what colors I want where in the house. He was hoping he'd be able to use the scaffolding Daryl has for the windows, but those won't be up there for him when he comes. I don't blame him for hoping. 
 Scaffolding has made it around to the front/back side of the house. :) I guess I should call it the pond side of the house?
A view of the different siding on the master bedroom side of the house.  
 Finally we've made it around the house. I like what I'm seeing here folks! Can't wait for the finished project so we can move in! :)

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dining Room Walls are here!! :)

Today lots is being done on the house.
 Yesterday, I went to work with Tom, so I didn't get to see what they got done, but they finished this side of the garage. I'm also amazed I was able to get everybody to look and smile at the camera at the same time! AMAZING!
 Here's the first wall of our dining room!
 It's the wall between the screened porch and dining room. 

 I can't believe how exciting it is to see each wall come up and this house come together. 
 They are also putting up the roof on the girls room. 
 Yesterday they put on the roof on the other side of their room.
 We peeked at Dan working on the wall from Tommy's bedroom.

 Then I took the kids down to splash around in the creek while I took a few more pictures.

 Then we headed back home for lunch. 

 After lunch we headed back out. They had done quite a bit more on the roof of the girls room. 
 They also have the beams up for the Screened Porch. 
These guys can really crank out some work! I love seeing the porch take shape.  
 Can you guess where else the kids wanted to go?
 I think we'll end up spending many days playing outside this summer. I couldn't drag the kids away from the creek!
 Dan is connecting the beams on the last side of the screened porch/dining room wall. 

 Daryl is adding a second header beam to make it strong. 

 They've also built the ceiling up so we can have a drop ceiling in our dining room. I can't wait to see what it will look like. 
 View of the porch from the driveway.
 I remembered that the wall from the dining room to the screened porch is supposed to be long enough for our china hutch so I finally had to force the kids back inside to measure it. I also measured the piano so I could tell them how long the wall in the kitchen needed to be.
 I ran back down to talk to Dan and Daryl, so we measured the walls and figured out how to move the doorway over a few more inches to make room for the china hutch. Apparently there was supposed to be a header beam (non-supportive) to separate the dining room from the kitchen, but I'm ok without it, so we're scootching the door over where the beam would have been. 
 I also got to take a few pictures of what our screened porch will look like. 

 Then I ran upstairs to watch the builders upstairs put on the roof for the dormers. 

 I also got in a quick peek of the dining room all finished up. Well, minus the ceiling, but that should come tomorrow. 

 Anyway, this is where we've finished at for today. :)

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