Monday, December 12, 2011

Just for fun

Today I thought it would be fun to do a mock-up of what I hope our mud room looks like someday. Sometimes it's hard to imagine what the house will look like, so it's fun to play around. I plan on having a place to hang our coats up on either side of the wall, and then some wall storage for my purse (and someday, the girls') a place for incoming/outgoing mail, and a place for our keys. Under the bench I'd like to have drawers to store hats, gloves, and that sort of thing. I plan on keeping shoes in the garage, so hopefully this room won't always live up to it's name. :)

The artwork on the wall is found at and the rug is found at - although I first saw the rug on one of my favorite blogs, IHeartOrganizing. Don't know if I will end up getting either of them, but thought they looked nice.

Can't wait to see what gets done tomorrow!
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