Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ceiling for the Dining Room and Screened Porch

The ceiling for the screened porch has been put up! :)
 Here's a view of the ceiling from Tommy's bedroom. 

 The girls room with the roof put on (minus the shingles, but someday soon, those too will arrive. 
 The attic window next to the girls room. 
 This is the window that will be in the girl's closet.
 Friday evening we took Daddy to see the exciting changes on the ceiling of the dining room. 
 They put an x-pattern on top of the drop ceiling in the dining room. I'm not sure what it does, so I'll have to ask them next week. 
 Becky, Tommy, and Daddy walking out on the Screened Porch ceiling. 

 They also built scaffolding in Tommy's room so they can begin building the final roof over our house next week. 

  View of the top of the dining room and the roof over the great room.

 Becky loves cheesing for the camera!

 View of the roof over the front porch from the girls room. 

 View from the hallway looking over the great room. 
 Screened porch at night. Dan and Daryl even built a railing here for the kids. 
 Here's a view of the Dining room ceiling and the kitchen in the very back. 
 Screened porch. 
 Tom and Tommy enjoying the screened porch. 
 View of the dining room from the kitchen. 

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