Friday, December 23, 2011

Building the Chimney

Our house is finally starting to take shape and look like a real house!
 The chimney is being built today. :) 
Tom and I talked about maybe making it taper in at the top of the header over the fireplace...
 but after looking at it for a while, we decided that straight up will be best, especially if we make the chimney wall a darker color than the walls. I'm thinking like a charcoal or chocolate brown. 
This is our office space upstairs. This room is going to be so cool! 
View of the roof looking out from the Office window. 
 The Homeschool Room.

My crazy kids peeking through the wall between Tommy's bedroom and the girls room.
 Our garage.
 The house with its new chimney up!
The wooden planks have been added to the roof so we can add on the final rafter, then add the roof.  

Peter is also working on putting up the wall on the side of the garage.  
 The kids have to run out and see their hand-prints every day now. :)
 The back of the house has the rafters up now and they are working on getting the plywood for the roof laid down on it. 
 We have two walls up for the chimney now. 
Next week we're hoping they start on the back porch so the rest of the roof can be built.  

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