Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Last weekend I drove my family up to Ohio to celebrate my cousin's decision to get baptized. It was wonderful to spend time with family and we had a wonderful time catching up with each other. Saturday night at his baptism, Nikki decided there could be no strangers at church, so she became good buds with my cousin's close girl friend. His baptism was the first part of the service, so we took Nikki back and went inside to watch his baptism. It was wonderful to see how God has changed his life and how excited he is to have God in his life. His testimony was awesome! After watching him get baptized, the song service began. We were singing and suddenly Nikki disappeared. Tom and I got concerned because the church was very full and we hadn't been there before. So we started looking up and down the aisles for her, when finally someone caught our attention and pointed to the row behind us - where she was snuggled up with a stranger lady and singing quite happily! I was so relieved, that I just let her finish singing with her new friend! 

Sunday afternoon we headed back home and about halfway there, our car started vibrating every time we went over 70mph. So I kept our speed down and about 40 minutes from home, the vibrating started up again. I switched seats with Tom and the vibrating was better for a while, but after about 10 minutes of driving it started vibrating again getting worse with each passing minute. By the time we got to our exit, we were only able to go about 50 mph and when we finally made it home, we were only able to drive 25mph without vibrating. 

So yesterday  morning, Tom took the car in to get it fixed. They worked on it all day long, and told us it would probably be finished by noon on today. We planned to drive to work together, pick up the car, I could get some errands run, go home and enjoy watching the roof get put on the house. 

That is not how our day went though. :( At lunch we shopped at Costco, ate pizza, and then we hoped our car would be ready to pick up. They were still working and hoped it would be finished mid-afternoon. I stuck around, getting work done at Vikus (yay!) and the kids did there best to be good and quiet. Mid-afternoon passed and our car was still being repaired so we continued working. By 5:30, we called again to check the status and found that they had about one more hour worth of work on it, but they closed at 5:30 so we have to wait until tomorrow (yay-boo!) to get it. So unfortunately I only took pictures of our house when they started work this morning. 

I can't wait to see what it looks like in the morning with the new roof on!
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