Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Garage Filler and Laying Down Some Floor Boards

Another day begins at our house. 

Clint arrived to work on filling in the basement with some filler.

This garage unfortunately will need to be filled almost to the top with filler or it is going to be $$$EXPENSIVE$$$. With the filler it should just be EXPENSIVE.

Kyle doing some heavy lifting.

Tommy had a great time watching Kyle fill the garage - but soon we had to go in and get some schoolwork done while they got some real work done. 

We also watched them put the second floor down.

Tommy has made some great friends. Dan & Darryl make sure to talk to him about whatever they are working on. He loves it - and I think they do too. Course, why wouldn't they...he's only the best kid (besides his sisters) in the world.

Tommy loves going to the house site with me. I can always count on him to join me.   

View of the back side of the house.

We peeked up from the stairwell again. It's hard not to explore when they are working, but I don't want them to feel nervous with us around and accidentally drop something on our heads!

It was fun watching the process of putting down the floor. Here we have someone gluing the joists for the floor boards.
Then they measured the board to make certain it fit, then dropped it in. They kicked it into place, then grabbed a two-by-four and hammered that baby in tight. They hammered the other side in without a two-by-four so they cut off the damaged section.

Then they used the Quick Drive to drive in screws to screw down the floorboards. No squeaks! Anywhere!

We love our builders!

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