Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Raindrops keep falling on my head!

Today was another rainy day so not much work got done around here. 

They at least were able to get some filler down on the garage yesterday. Clint did drop off a couple of loads today, even though nothing can be done with them while its raining.

Since nobody was working today, I took advantage of having the place all to myself and toured the place.

Here's the foyer - now with a ceiling.

Our master bedroom with a ceiling too.

The greatroom is still pretty great - just opened up to the sky still.

I feel much better walking around on the floorboards instead of just the joists. Here's our new hallway between the bedrooms.

View of the greatroom from the hallway. 

Tommy's bedroom will be here someday soon.

The opposite side will be the homeschool/guest room. We might even use it to split up the girls since Nikki needs a bit more supervision keeping her room clean and Becky gets frustrated trying to keep her things clean with someone going behind and messing them up or not helping. I'm hoping that with the larger bedroom over the garage that we can keep them together though. I think I'll be able to split it up so each girl feels like they have their own space in the shared room.

View of the bathroom, office and stairwell. 

Crazy looking down the stairwell - that's a long way down!

View of the Pantry with a ceiling. 

Kitchen with a ceiling.

Then my tour of the house was over. 
 Here's hoping that tomorrow brings sunny skies instead of rain...but that's probably wishful thinking.

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