Friday, December 2, 2011

Raising up to the 2nd Floor

They are working on getting joists up for the second floor today. Boy this house is popping out of the ground fast!

Here's a view of our great room window. There will be another set of windows above those. Yay light!

Dan is building the door to the screened porch.

View of the kitchen wall from the great room. 

View of the joists above the master bedroom. The bedroom up there will probably be the guest/homeschool room. 

Our master bedroom looks different with joists on. 

Kids & I came back after lunch to see what else had been done.

They put up another board on the front of the house and created scaffolding to move around the walls better.

View of master closet (with joists).

View of the back of the house. 

Adding the joist brackets (don't know what they are actually called).

The kids and I snuck in from the back so we wouldn't disturb the workers.

We stopped at the top of the stairs so the kids could see what was happening, then we went for a walk around the property.

Here's a view of our house from the pond.

We climbed the hill to see what the house looked like from our neighbors perspective. 

The kids & I went to get the mail too - and I convinced them to pose for pictures while taking a break. 

They are almost done for the day. 

Tom joined us to look over the house.

Joists over the kitchen/laundry/pantry area.

Great room 


View of great room from the kitchen.

Front porch. 
 View of dining room - it's not built yet, but boy the view will be nice.

Tom & I were crazy people and climbed up to see the work that had been done on the joists. Despite being in gymnastics for so many years - I am not cut out for walking joists. That's some scary stuff!

Kids were trying to be good and not climb up with us. Tommy really REALLY really wanted to come up with us. Next time...maybe. 

View of great room and guest room. 

This will eventually be a hallway/office to the kids bedrooms.

Mr. Mountain Goat. It's so cool to check out all the scaffolding that was put up.

The kids got a little crazy waiting...
 ...and waiting...
 ...and waiting for us to be done so they could go home, eat supper, and GO TO BED!!! Wait...maybe it was me who wanted them to go to bed...
 Becky even held a birthday party...I'm not sure who it was for.
Guess I better feed these kids so they can go to bed, right? :)
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