Monday, December 12, 2011

Garage Walls

We went out to check on the progress that was done last week. It's so much fun to see walls up on the second floor now. :)

 While we were walking around, it started to sprinkle, so Nikki created her own umbrella to keep dry. 
 Since it was sprinkling, the workers took shelter to keep dry, so we took a look around the house while we wouldn't be getting in the way.
 The sun peeked out again, so the builders got back to work and we headed back inside to finish school and  eat lunch.

 After lunch we came back out and were happily surprised to see the garage walls were mostly built.
 We had fun watching them build part of the walls.

 Then we followed Kyle to see what kind of work was being done behind the house.
 He is prepping the ground for our porch.
 Clint used his machine to indicate how much dirt needed to be removed to level out the ground. 
Kyle went along  scooping out the necessary dirt. 
It was raining again, so we checked out the second floor work. Becky is inspecting her future bathroom. 

Nikki and Tommy are standing where their future tub will be someday.

This is the hallway between the bedrooms. 

The garage walls are starting to look AWESOME! :) 
I can't believe how fast these guys can work! 

The HVAC lines had to be buried so the concrete porch can be poured (hopefully later this week).

 I can't imagine having to work on these heights, but they say you get used to it. 
 Our cute two-headed monster.
 After supper, we went back out to check out the house with Daddy. They have the header beam for the garage bays up now too! WOW!

 They have some weird half-walls up so tomorrow I'm going to find out what they are for. Maybe they are going to be moving them somewhere else? They look permanent though. 
 Can't wait to find out what they are for!
 Window in the homeschool room.
 This girl loves her daddy! 
They are using some fancy nail-work to hold that huge beam in place for the garage.  
 Our garage bay.

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