Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Exterior Changes

Today the builders are working on the exterior of the house.

They are installing the wooden accent piece over the front window today.

Here is Pops nailing it in.
Here it is finally installed! :) Looks great.

Next they began installing the siding on the garage - I can't believe that we're finally finishing the entire exterior of the house! Yippee!

Inside the house, I met with the cabinet makers to discus the kitchen layout a final time to make certain we have everything planned out.

 Once I was finished talking with the cabinet designers, I peeked at the outside of the house again. It's getting pretty close.

By supper-time the garage wall just had a few final pieces to get added.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mudding the Walls

Today we got to watch the workers tape and mud the walls. The scaffolding getup in the Great Room was a bit crazy - so glad that I don't have to be the one up there! First the drywaller measured the tape length.

Then he slapped a thin layer of dry-walling mud on the wall to hold the tape.

Next he applied the tape to the wall.  

Finally he added a thin layer to cover the tape and hold it in place and ready to move on to the next spot on the wall.  

Then we went and checked out the garage...where it is now all taped and mudded too!
There is still that one small wall to complete, but the garage is basically done too.
This is the side of the garage where we will keep bikes, toys, sport equipment and misc. other things. Hopefully it will make it easier to get into/out of the cars. :) Wishful thinking, I'm sure!
Here's our mudroom.
Basement guest bedroom.
Another view of the guest bedroom. Those larger patches of white are the seams between the two pieces of drywall. Good luck finding the actual start/finish! :)
Media/exercise room.
Tom's office/Spare room.
Tommy playing around in the downstairs office/spare room.
The funny corner of this room.
The basement bathroom.
The mechanical room.
The basement garage/workshop.


The basement living room.


Great room.
View of the dining room.
Our kitchen.

The Pantry. 
 Our fireplace. :)

The foyer. 

 Master Bedroom

Our master closet - Tom's side.
Kids being crazy outside the master closet.
Master bathroom vanity.

View of the stairway to the kids rooms.
View of the great room from the stairwell.

I can't imagine how crazy it must have been to put the mud on the ceiling here!
The office upstairs.
Another view of the upstairs office.
The girls room.
View of the girls room and closet.
Inside the girls closet. 

The girls playroom.

The kids bathroom.
There will be a double vanity and linen pantry on the right.
The kids potty. :)
The linen closet/laundry chute across the hall from the bathroom.
Tommy's room.
View of Tommy's closet and bed.

Hallway outside Tommy's room. 

The playroom.
The homeschool room. 
Opposite wall of the school room.
The storage room.
My girls.
Best Friends Forever! 
Piano wall in the Great Room.
The dining room.
View of the door to the screened porch from the dining room.

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