Friday, February 17, 2012

Insulating the House

Yesterday, insulation started at the house. 
Here's our front porch with the matching transoms. 

The house looks COMPLETELY different with the walls full of cellulose insulation! The house feels a bit darker now. :)
 On the other hand, it also feels brighter and the rooms are starting to feel like rooms. This is our dining room, right next to the great room.  
 Closeup of the dining room wall. 
 Our large walk-in pantry - I am going to LOVE this room. :)
 Peeking at the garage through the mud room. 
A peek of the laundry room.  
Here's a look at our new transom along with the insulated wall - I can't believe how perfectly the window fits there. It's almost exactly in the center! :)
Upstairs, the walls in the play room have been prepped for cellulose. 
 Two different types of foil were used - one looks like an astronaut's blanket and the other looks like bubble wrap - but they both reflect heat the same way. 
 A view of the playroom from the homeschool room. 
 The linen closet and laundry chute.
 Prepping Tommy's bed with insulation in the harder to reach areas. 
 The girls room also has been foiled. :)
Back downstairs, the powder room has been insulated now. 
 So has our master bedroom. 
 A view of my side of the master closet. 
 Down in the basement, the walls have been prepped for their cellulose filling. 
 Here's an outside view of the back side of the house that faces the pond.
 Here's my sample paint to make sure it's what I want. The trim looks darker than I think it actually is, but I like it. :)
 The masons have begun laying stone on the exterior wall of our closet.
 It's so neat to watch how they lay the blocks. It's very much like a puzzle - the trick is that they are allowed to cut the pieces! :)
 One of the masons used a level to make straight lines to ensure that the stone remains even all the way up. 
 By this evening, the masons had prepped the fireplace for stone tomorrow. The black paper really makes the fireplace look different, right?
 The playroom has cellulose in the walls now. 
 So does the linen closet. 
 A closeup of the roller that shaves off the walls to make the edges smooth. 
 Here's a neat view of the fireplace from upstairs. 
 I can't wait to spend supper evenings out on our screened porch.
Downstairs, we noticed something eerie outside the bedroom window... 
 ...thankfully it was only the foam insulators who had come back to insulate the area under the dining room. This was these poor guys 3rd foam insulation job today! They aren't the same company that did the cellulose in the walls, but they said that the cellulose guys did a great job insulating the walls. 
 The light/dark combination really makes the uniform look sci-fi! Then watching the foam grow made it feel sci fi too!

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