Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday, Pretty Sunday!

Today we had fun walking around the house and looking at all the changes that happened last week. 
 We had fun inspecting the brick wall on the front porch. 
 I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like with the concrete patio too!

 Downstairs the electrical boxes have been installed on the back wall of the storage room in the basement garage. We were hoping it would be installed on the right side of that storage room, so I'm hoping there is a chance we could have them move it so the electrical box won't be front and center of our pretty stone work there. 
 We looked at the brickwork on the garage side of the house and noticed that the hose bib won't work in its current location. :( So we will have to have the plumbers fix that. 
 The house does look really good with the brick and siding though. I love it. :)
 Then we continued our walk around the pond and let the kids have fun throwing rocks into the water and yelling into the pipe we are someday going to use to drain the pond so we can install the geothermal pipes and repair the overflows on the dam. 
 Back at the house, Tommy discovered he could climb the ladder and scoot across the scaffolding. He had fun being crazy. :)
 Then we stopped to show Daddy the bricks that Tommy laid. It was a fun way to spend a Sunday.

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