Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Bricks Are Coming! The Bricks Are Coming!

This morning while getting ready to start the day, we heard a big truck come up the hill. We sent Tommy out with the camera to grab a picture of the truck while we quickly dressed, then ran outside to see the excitement.
 Half of the bricks had been moved by the time we got out, but it was still exciting to watch. 
 The man on the forklift was afraid he'd done something bad since I was taking pictures, but I told him I was just excited that the brick had arrived. Didn't mean to make the poor guy nervous!
 Thankfully our stone/brick mason was there to show him where to deposit the brick so time wouldn't be wasted moving brick around the house. 
While taking pictures of the house, I noticed the little birdhouse the kids made just after the tornado.  
 It's really tiny, but the kids are still hoping that a bird will nest in there someday. :)
 The kids were also excited to watch the forklift get put back away. 
 It's pretty amazing how they just tuck it into the back of the truck and tie it in. 
We made our way to the house finally and got to watch the electrician install lights on the front porch. 

 Then we went inside to see some of the foam insullation that had been installed over the ducts in the attic space. 
 We also have a couple of can lights installed upstairs in the hallway.  
A closer look at the upstairs can lights.  
The light fixtures have also been installed on the screen porch.
Then we headed back outside to look around the house. 
 I have no idea what that black strip is for on the house. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the stone work...but I don't know. Guess we'll find out soon enough. :)
 Here's where the sand and mortar got delivered. They should start laying brick tomorrow, and the brick mason wants Tommy to come out sometime and help him lay a few bricks. Tommy will be pretty excited when that happens, I'm sure! :)

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