Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sheetrock - In With A Boom, Up With a Bang

When we started building, I was sure that building a house would take forever and a year. It did not sound like something that would fly by...but I can't believe that today, we had sheetrock delivered!!! Which means, that the end is in sight! In a few short months, this house will be our home. :) I can't wait!
 The sheetrock came in very large sheets - maybe 12' sections? I never really thought about sheetrock coming in anything other than 8' - but it does! It looks super impressive too! Here is the sheetrock in the dining room. 
 We also got sheetrock delivered for the rooms upstairs. I arrived at the house site, just as the sheetrock truck was leaving, so I missed watching them deliver it through the window. Boo. I'm sure it was exciting though. So I ran around the house taking pictures of all the sheetrock...in the playroom...
...in Tommy's room...
...and in the basement.  
 Outside, Gene and his crew are finishing up the stone on the side of the house. 
I went back home to finish school with the kids, disappointed that we had all missed our opportunity to watch sheetrock get delivered. However, when we were almost done with our seatwork, I heard a noise... 
 ...a rather large noise that had us all running to the house site as fast as we could! The drywall truck had returned! We excitedly watched as the man crawled up into his seat to maneuver the drywall crane/boom and carefully pick up the large stack of sheetrock... 

 ...carefully turning it on its side...
...and gently setting it down where it could be loaded onto the sheetrock carts and wheeled away to its next destination. It was so cool!
 Then on the front of the house, Gene had his guys work on installing the mansonry boards to the wall so they can begin rocking the front porch. :) I can't wait to see what that looks like! 
 After all that excitement, I kinda thought we'd be done for the day. But I was wrong. The sheetrockers were hard at work, installing first the ceiling in all the rooms
 Here's a view of some of the work done in the front of the house. 
 The front entry and hallway ceilings have been installed. 
 Upstairs, the bathroom and hallway ceilings were done...
 ...and I even got to see how they so easily got it installed on the ceiling...they CHEATED! The sheetrockers have the coolest shoes to put on and help them grow tall enough to reach the ceiling easily. Not sure how much I would have loved walking on stilts on that walkway, but those stilts are still really neat, none-the-less. 
 They have each piece of sheetrock measured perfectly and it just seems to snap right into place.  This is the ceiling for the office upstairs. 
 This is our master bedroom. I'm loving the tray ceiling!
 A view of the ceiling in Tommy's room.
 Another angle in Tommy's room. 
 The upstairs office area. 
 The girls room. It's neat to see how they stairstep the joints so it's not just one continuous seam across the ceiling. 
 Another angle of the girls room. 
 Our pantry. It looks so different with a ceiling and a wall now! I'm going to love this pantry. 
 Outside work was being done to prep the porch for the front posts. 
 A finished view of our stone wall. Love it! 
 Finishing up the final touches so the wall looks perfect. 
 Oh - and in case I forgot to mention it...that yellow will not stay. Our house will be blue...not the pretty yellow. The yellow is just the standard color that hardy-board comes in. Kinda like how sheetrock comes in gray. 
Once again, I figured I'd seen all that there was to have seen at the end of the day.  
 Once again, I was wrong. 
 As I got closer to the house, I saw that the stone on the front of the house was almost finished! It's looking so good there!
 Walking in through the mudroom (from the garage, not the front door...I'm tricky like that!). 
 Just a little bit of sheetrock in the laundry...wait is that ALL the sheetrock finished in the laundry???
 And the ceiling in the dining room is finished. 
 Our pantry is now all walled in. :) Can't wait till I get to use it! :)
 Great room - where more ceilings have been created. 
The master bedroom where sheetrock is coming down the walls.  
 Our master bathroom is all sheetrocked. 
 The master bath linen closet - sheetrocked.  
 The office upstairs. 
 Walls are starting to be formed in the girls room. 
 Looking at how they created some of the weird angles in the house...like the one in the girls closet. This is so amazing!
 The playroom - with more sheetrock. 
 Tommy's room...with sheetrock. 
WOW! Those guys can bang out the sheetrock fast! If we had a few more hours of daylight - like if we lived in Alaska or somewhere like that - I'm sure it would have been done in a day! Crazy fun!

And here's a final picture from the back of the house of our stone wall, brick wall, and cement siding wall. :) Hope you all have had just as exciting a day as I have had! 

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