Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Exciting things are happening today!
 The tongue-and-groove boards for the screened and front porches have been delivered. 
 Electrical wires are being strung in the great room as well. 
 The can lights are also getting installed today. 
 The wires for the switches in our Master Bedroom and the Great Room.
 The wires from upstairs are running neatly through the wall in our master closet...
 ...and are a little crazy down in the basement!
 Some of the wires hidden in the basement ceiling.
 Outside Daryl and Tim are putting up the trim.  
 First they put down siding...
 Then they place the trim on top so the trim stands out further than the siding. 
A view of the finished siding behind the garage. 
 Finishing trim on the screened porch.
 View of the master bedroom and master closet. The bedroom side will get additional siding, and the closet bumpout will get stone. :)
 Can't wait to see this house finished! Time is flying by!

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