Friday, February 24, 2012

Let the Mudding begin!

Today was so busy that I wasn't able to see the house site until evening. The Great Room is almost all sheetrocked and ready for the mudding to ensue. 
Sorry for the snowflakes inside the house - we didn't install a snow machine, I just haven't cleaned the camera lens yet. Will be doing that soon!

The girls room has been taped and the first coat of mud has been applied. 
I liked seeing the type of tape they used on the walls - it's not the same stuff I've found at home improvement stores and it looks pretty easy to use. 
The girls closet. 

Nikki enjoyed showing me her closet. 
Then we headed across the hall to Tommy's room. 
Tommy's room also has been mudded. 
Tommy's window
Closet in Tommy's room. 
Kids bathroom. 
The playroom - looks different again with all the mud on the walls. 

Nikki had fun pretending she was a kitty. 
The school room. 
The foyer. 
Our master bedroom. I'm loving the trey ceiling. 
Another view of the master bedroom. 
Master bathroom 
Linen closet inside the master bathroom. 
Final view of the master bedroom. 
Heading downstairs to see the work that's been completed there. 
Basement bathroom has more drywall!
Basement living room - Two-thirds complete!

Hallway to the guest bedroom/office/media room. 
Here's the guest bedroom. 
Guest closet. 
Tom's office
Another view of Tom's office.
Final view of the basement living room
Nikki had fun investigating the space under the stairs. I think it's time to call it a night now! :) Next week should be fun with all the mudding to finish. 

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