Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rain, rain, go away!

It's been wonderful to have my folks around for a belated thanksgiving. We had my sister, brother-in-law and niece over as well to celebrate. 

My dad left on Sunday, but my mom is staying until Thursday to help my sister & I with our kids. Yesterday it rained all day, so no work got done on the house, but I was able to go to work with Tom. That was fun. :)

Today calls for rain as well, but thankfully it's not raining heavily like it did yesterday, so the guys are working on the house. 

My mom took this awesome panorama shot of our house and the pond. 

Becky got tired of the house tour so she went back home - but I love how she dressed warmly. 

Yep - those are stockings on top of her pants. Poor girl must have been COLD!

My mom, Tommy, Nikki and I walked down to the pond after Tom went to work. 

They got a few more walls up today. It's getting harder to take good pictures. :) This is the master bathroom.
 View from the master bedroom.

View of master bathroom and the room that sticks out a little farther is the guest bathroom.

Master bathroom - where our vanity will be.

Master bathroom toilet room. :)

Tommy is in the master bedroom in front of the wall I'm planning on putting my bed. 

Door to the kitchen being framed in.


We also have stairs to the basement! Yay!

Sorry about the bad pictures. Tom and I went out in the evening to check out the house and I only had the camera on my phone. 

They also got the plywood up on some of the basement walls. Don't know how I missed it earlier in the day, but at least Tom noticed it! In the dark no less!

Outside view of master bedroom & closet.

View out basement bedroom.

View out basement family room.

Things are starting to happen quickly now! I hope the rain holds off so Clint can come soon to do some yardwork. They want to build the deck to finish the first floor, but he has to come first. 

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Clean Mama Printables

Give yourself the gift of organization this Holiday Season - check out Clean Mama Printables!  

Today is the last day of her Black Monday sale and she has a lot of great organizational & cleaning list printables. I really like her Cleaning lists. I sometimes have a hard time staying focused on what I want to clean, and having a checklist really helps me accomplish my goals. Check out some of the printable she has for the holiday season.

Cross off, check off, keep your home clean this holiday season!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

On to the first floor

The walls are coming up on the first floor today!

The guys aren't planning on working a full day today since it's Black Friday, but it's so wonderful that they came at all - and look - we have walls!

Becky walking on the eventual front porch to the front door. The walls that are up are to our master bathroom and closet.

Framing up the exterior Master Bedroom wall.

This is the view of the top of the stairs and the doorway is into the kitchen/pantry/laundry area.

View of master bedroom side of the house.

 Basement storage room.

Future bedroom.

Future Family Room 

Back of our house

Master Closet 

We gave my parents a tour of the house so far - which is mostly just the basement. Here we are in the garage.

Looking out from the family room.

Touring the bedroom & storage rooms.

The window still isn't in the room in the basement, but hopefully next week they will get to it. Can't wait to see what the first floor eventually will look like!
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

We are packing up to go celebrate Thanksgiving with Tom's family, so we didn't spend much time at the house site today. However, I did check it out before we left - and I love it! They have got the floors laid down. :)

They added protection around the stairwell so people don't accidentally fall down - smart thinking!

View of our Master Closet

Finishing up the block work too.

Back of the house

The garage looks different with a roof on now. I guess it isn't a roof, but lets not get technical. :)

Family/Playroom with the bathroom and mechanical room behind (and saferoom behind that).

View of stairwell and bathroom from Family room.

View of the future bedroom and closet (doorway on the left).

We've decided this room should get a window afterall. The morning sun is just too nice to miss out on. So the short wall will get a window. This view will be under a porch, so a window wouldn't be as nice there.

The wall here is where the window will be.

Finishing up our walk around the house.

They built a ramp up to the house. 

They've started putting down the chalklines for the first floor. :)

Stairwell (someday soon, I'm sure).

Our future kitchen/dining/pantry/laundry/mudroom area.

The front door.

View of the fireplace (red box on the floor) and Master Bedroom.

Master closet

Our Master Bedroom is going to have a beautiful view of the pond (and unfortunately our neighbor...but trees will hide him again someday...not that he's not a nice guy - he is -we just moved out here to see nobody.)


Not sure what Tommy was trying to tell me, but I'm sure it was important. :)

View of the Laundry & Mud room  

Using the blueprints to draw the walls on the ground. 
Can't wait to see whats happened when we get back!
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