Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Finishing the Forms

They finished forming the walls today!
They put up rebar and then formed the walls around the rebar. 
They also put little rebar in the little holes they drilled for the front of the walkout basement.

This circle pipe is for our geothermal HVAC. I'm interested to see how it's going to work someday. I'm sure they will cut it and add to it, but for now, it's just sticking out of the ground like a circle. 

Nailing the forms together.

Those form trucks are so incredible organized. :) I wish I could make my car stay that organized. Three kids don't allow that to happen often though, even when I limit the toys they are allowed to bring in the car. My kids are sneaky sneaky!

The forms can be angled too. I wondered how they would make the sharp angles, but it was easy with forms on hinges. Who knew!
It's also pretty cool to see them use the forms as ladders. 
That's all for today!
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