Sunday, November 20, 2011

Raising Walls

Today they are building the interior walls. They laid down boards along the chalkline and then nailed them down.

While some of the workmen were building the inteior walls, others were beefing up the top of the exterior walls to line up even with the poured walls. 

When we headed in for lunch - this is what it looked like...

and after lunch we had a couple of interior walls up!

It's really neat seeing the shape of each room starting to take place.
Here's the view of part of the mechanical room, the bathroom (those two pipes sticking out of the ground) and the future family/play room.
Here's the outside door between two windows.
This is the downstairs garage/work room.
When Tom got home, we went back out and tried to take pictures, but it was fairly dark. We have walls up though!

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