Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Joist another day in the building of our home

Today was a beautiful day.

There weren't too many clouds in the sky - and it wasn't too hot or too cold.  

They should finish putting up the joists and if the rain holds off, they will put down the floor as well. :)

Future Bedroom

Nailing the floor joists - we have 2x12s for most of the house and I-joists for the expanse of the great room and our bedroom.

Getting ready to lay joists over the future bedroom and storage rooms. 

We went in for lunch and I called  Volunteer Energy Co. to ask when we would be getting temporary power connected, since the guys are working off of generators. Let me just say, VEC has HORRIBLE customer service. They are very difficult to work with. A little over a week ago, I started the process of getting temporary power, and after much headache and paperwork, they told me that power should be available this week sometime. So, I called to check up - and they said someone had called me, but they weren't able to do anything. I didn't remember the phone call, so I told them no one had told me that. Finally, after much grief, they explained (or remembered) that the electrical inspector had called to find out where the power needed to be connected to. Ok - yes, I remembered that call. Now what's the next step? Umm...you have to get it inspected." It's already been inspected. "Not according to our records it hasn't" Well, I gave them paperwork. "Well, do you have a blue sticker on your temp power pole?" Let me check...Yes, we do. "Ok, we can connect power, but it will be another 3-5 business days after the paperwork is given to our supervisor." WHAT??? They said it should be connected this week - BEFORE Thanksgiving. Oh well. That's why I'm not loving VEC. Hopefully things get better soon.

Anyway, after lunch, Tommy grabbed his toolbag (with his new pencil that he calls a pen). 

We walked down to the house site.

Here's our stairwell 


Family/Play room 


They reinforced this beam finally. I was wondering how it would hold the rest of the house up - now I know how - with LOTS of nails. 

Our future saferoom - hopefully we will NEVER again need to use it - but it's nice to have one just in case another horrible Tornado comes again. This will be the concrete porch above - so most of this room will be covered with concrete walls. 

The blockwork is coming along quickly.

View of all the joists finally up - Looking Great!

More lumber has arrived. 

Tommy finally found his new friend Darryl and showed him his toolbag. Darryl was appropriately impressed. Dan (his brother) asked Tommy which ones were for him - but Darryl stopped Tommy before he could offer to share. He would have too! 

Then he took Tommy's new carpenters pen...cil and showed Tommy how to carefully sharpen it AWAY from your body. 

Then he and Tommy paused to watch the lumber truck dump its load on the ground. 


Hope none of the lumber got broken getting removed that way!

After watching that excitement, Darryl had another gift for Tommy - 8 penny nails and a couple of boards.

He showed Tommy how to carefully start the nail. 

Then he showed Tommy how to hold the hammer to swing big blows to drive that nail into the board. 

Tommy got to work "helping" Darryl with the job of nailing wood. I think this will happily keep Tommy busy for a while!

It started to rain, so the workers ended up leaving for the day. :( But they got the blocking done before they left. :)

Tom and his dad also got some fires started thanks to my calling in a fire permit as well today. Boy - we were productive!

I'm surprised I've not taken pictures of the house from the pond before, but decided to do it today. We're going to have a great view!

They also laid down a wood covering for the porch - although Mike says they will use metal when they pour the concrete porch, so this must be temporary.  

The block work is finished on this side. One final side to go tomorrow.  

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