Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

We are packing up to go celebrate Thanksgiving with Tom's family, so we didn't spend much time at the house site today. However, I did check it out before we left - and I love it! They have got the floors laid down. :)

They added protection around the stairwell so people don't accidentally fall down - smart thinking!

View of our Master Closet

Finishing up the block work too.

Back of the house

The garage looks different with a roof on now. I guess it isn't a roof, but lets not get technical. :)

Family/Playroom with the bathroom and mechanical room behind (and saferoom behind that).

View of stairwell and bathroom from Family room.

View of the future bedroom and closet (doorway on the left).

We've decided this room should get a window afterall. The morning sun is just too nice to miss out on. So the short wall will get a window. This view will be under a porch, so a window wouldn't be as nice there.

The wall here is where the window will be.

Finishing up our walk around the house.

They built a ramp up to the house. 

They've started putting down the chalklines for the first floor. :)

Stairwell (someday soon, I'm sure).

Our future kitchen/dining/pantry/laundry/mudroom area.

The front door.

View of the fireplace (red box on the floor) and Master Bedroom.

Master closet

Our Master Bedroom is going to have a beautiful view of the pond (and unfortunately our neighbor...but trees will hide him again someday...not that he's not a nice guy - he is -we just moved out here to see nobody.)


Not sure what Tommy was trying to tell me, but I'm sure it was important. :)

View of the Laundry & Mud room  

Using the blueprints to draw the walls on the ground. 
Can't wait to see whats happened when we get back!
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