Monday, January 30, 2012

Crunch Time

The kids were excited to run down to the house today since it's a beautiful day outside, even if it's a bit chilly out. I think this is the first winter I haven't even seen sign of snow since I came down to Tennessee 14 years ago. 
 Anyway, back to our house. Siding is appearing everywhere! On the Front...
 ...On the back...
 ...and way up top! I think he's up about 50 feet! I can't imagine working up at that height! Dan and Daryl did admit it is scary at times working that high up. I don't want to imagine! 
 At least Daryl got to work on a platform with a railing. :)
 Inside the house, we have some light fixtures. This is the light over the shelf over the stairs. 
 Lights in the playroom. 
 We also have electrical wires run in the walls upstairs too!
 The air return has been installed upstairs. I'm going to have FUN changing that someday. Good thing I'm 5'2" and know how to use a step ladder! :)
 The air duct has been sealed now upstairs and we also have light switches and plugs for the office now.
 Tommy inspecting the girls dress up room with the new electrical hookups. 
My Peanut butter loving girls in their dress up room. 
Fan light in the girls room. 
 Vanity wiring in the bathroom. I don't know why they put it in that w shape, but it's that way wherever we are putting vanity lights. 
 We also have our bathroom vents installed and connected. 

 Caught the Electrician sitting on the job! Actually he's wiring up the lights in the hallway on the main floor, so I guess that's allowed. :) 
 One of the girl electricians that Becky is excited about. 
 After looking at all the changes happening at the house, I headed to the Brick and Stone store to pick out and pay for our brick and stone. I stopped at a competitor brick company to compare prices, then made the decision to stick with Key James. I ordered the Mossy Creek stone in the Old Worlde pattern, and decided on the James Brick Hampstead. Yikes - it's scary making the final call on those! But I love them and can't wait to see them installed. 
 I also held up some of the paint samples we like. Tom still is leaning towards the blue and I'm still leaning towards the gray. We shall see...

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Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Electrifying!

Today is an exciting day!
The electrical boxes are getting placed throughout the house. 
It was amazing to see how quickly they get installed. 
I talked with Mike and apparently, we have the best team of electricians working on our house today... 
...and 3 out of the 4 of them are women! :) Becky was so excited to find out that women actually work on the house site too!
The women got the boxes placed so quickly I couldn't keep up with them. 
I ran around double checking everything, trying to make certain we had things where we wanted them. 
You think building a house is easy until you get to electrical switches. Then it's crazy trying to make certain we have electricity where we think we want/need it. 
Thankfully, they are doing a great job placing outlets everywhere and offering better suggestions of light placement if needed. 

Downstairs, the final pipes are getting placed in the basement. 
Dan is working on the downstairs office, framing in the ductwork so it's hidden and this room will also have some awesome ceilings. 

Dan even framed in behind the shower now. 
Peeking through the lowered ceiling in the spare room downstairs. So glad it's able to hide all those unsightly pipes! 
Then I headed back inside to look at paint chips with the stone brochure to see if I can make a decision. Tom likes the blue. I'm leaning towards the green or gray. Good thing we don't have to make that call yet!
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

All work and No Play...Not here!

Wow, another crazy busy day! I'm always amazed at how much can get done in a day. 
Today I talked with Dan and Daryl about what we wanted for the master shower. Originally, Mike had planned for this to be glass walls, but Tom and I had envisioned walls with towel racks, so we had to come up with a solution that would support our shower walls, yet keep them open to the bathroom, so we have "windows" in the walls to secure the walls to the ceiling and hopefully keep them from toppling over with the weight of tile on the other side of the wall.  We will still have a glass door between the walls though. 
Downstairs in the basement we were happily surprised to see that the air ducts have been hidden away in a tray ceiling for us. It looks AWESOME! We had no idea how they would hide the air ducts, but figured it wouldn't be anything fancy. We forgot how awesome our builders are at taking things to another level and really making it look good. 
Here's scaffolding in the media/storage/who-knows-what-this-room-will-end-up-being room to lower the ceiling a little to hide all the pipes crossing back and forth here. 

Ductwork for the pantry vent comes through the downstairs office. 
More of the ductwork is being completed in the basement garage. 
Looks a bit shiny in here now! ;)
All the vents have been covered up with metal to prevent them from getting filled with sawdust or other such things. 
Our master closet window is getting framed in.
Tom and Tommy were so proud of themselves here. Dan and Daryl told us a story about how they like to hide tool bags from each other, just for the fun of it. After some of the silly stories we heard, my boys decided to have fun with the toolbags left behind, so they hid it in the fireplace. Boys will be boys I guess! ;)
The fireplace vent hasn't been connected yet. Hopefully it will be soon?
There are a lot of pipes happening in the basment living room. 
Guest bedroom closet with the air duct. 
The mechanical room with the water pipes and the HVAC thermostat wire. 
I'm ready for bed now though. Tomorrow's going to bring a lot of new fun, I'm sure! :)
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