Saturday, January 14, 2012

All the small things...

Today was another cold day at the house, but the kids were excited to bundle up and head out to see the changes occurring at our new house. They each grabbed a hat and coat and put it on by themselves. 
When we got to the house, we discovered that we had arrived just in time to watch them install the office window!
Daryl used his saw to trim off any unnecessary trim from around the window, then held the window in place while Dan screwed the window in from the inside. 
Then in all my excitement from watching them install windows yesterday, somehow I missed noticing that they had also built the hearth for our fireplace. I was pretty excited to notice it today though!
Then we continued on our way up the stairs to check out our new window in the office. 
We journeyed on to the girls room to inspect the new window again. 
The kids had fun exploring the girls play space in their room. 

A view of our great room with all of our windows installed. 
Then we headed down to the basement to explore the changes in the bathroom. The girls LOVE to play in the pile of cement. Nikki loves to pretend she is digging in it - and it's all I can do to keep her out of it so she doesn't get cut on something! :)
Then we noticed that they have taped around the windows for a better seal against the outside elements. I love seeing all the little details that get put into this house that I never would have known to do if I had to do this all on my own. 
The kids also had to stop and admire their handprints in the cement again. 
We walked to the stream where I took a couple pictures of the house while the kids had fun splashing in the stream. 

Tommy and Becky decided that they'd seen enough of the house, so they headed home. Nikki had other plans for me and the camera before we were allowed to go home. She wanted me to take pictures of her modeling the giant cement pile in the bathroom...
...posing in front of the hallway in the basement...
...and finally showing off the beautiful window in the guest bedroom in the basement. Then she allowed us to continue home for lunch. 
We stopped for a second or two (ok fine, a few more minutes) to watch Dan and Daryl install the house wrap around the office window. 
Then I reluctantly let Nikki lead me back home to make lunch for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - can you guess who's favorite that is and why someone was in such a hurry to get home? :)
When Tom got home that evening, we were able to go see the house while supper was cooking. 

We admired how the laundry room looks with its new plumbing connections. 
...and how nice our fireplace looks with the new hearth. 
Here's some plumbing for the kids bathroom. 
Our office.
The girls room. 
All four angles of the girls room - starting in the playspace, The wall where we will put one of the girls bed, the other wall we will place a bed/door to the room, and finally the wall for the dresser/closet door. 
Then we inspected Tommy's room. 
We will put a bookshelf here for Tommy's bed with room for a lamp. 
A view of the header above Tommy's bed. I just thought it was neat seeing how it was put together. 
Tommy's window.
Tommy's door and closet.
A view of Tommy's closet and bed. 
The great room again. I love the view out these windows!! So pretty. :)
At last, it was finally time to say goodbye to the house and head back inside to enjoy our weekend together as a family. :)

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