Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flurry of Activity

It's another day of a flurry of activity. 
The plumbers are testing the pipes today. 
The kids bathtub was installed today. 
Here's a view of it from Tommy's room. :)
The master shower levers have been installed as well. 
We have two shower heads in our shower. It's going to be nice. :)
They have also started the trim outside on the porch. 

It's looking pretty good out there!
They are also finishing up siding on the garage side of the house. 
The HVAC pipes are getting installed in the basement today. 
This return is for the basement. They will be installing the one for upstairs later this week. 
Another view of our house. You can see a glimpse of the side of the garage all finished. 
I liked this view of the screened porch ceiling. 
Basement living room. 
Nikki showing off the basement shower. 
Tommy in the mechanical room. 
Pipes in the basement garage. 
Pipes in the storm shelter room. 
The HVAC guy putting together one of the pipes connecting to the air return. 
In the Great Room, the air return has been framed in. 
Here's a view of our foyer from the Great Room. 
Tommy loves sneaking through the wall here to sit on the ledge over the stairwell. 
These kids are CRAZY! :)
A view from inside the garage. 
Some of the trim for outside. 
Daryl is cutting trim for the windows in the playroom. 
Next week should be another fun week. :)
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