Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Electrifying!

Today is an exciting day!
The electrical boxes are getting placed throughout the house. 
It was amazing to see how quickly they get installed. 
I talked with Mike and apparently, we have the best team of electricians working on our house today... 
...and 3 out of the 4 of them are women! :) Becky was so excited to find out that women actually work on the house site too!
The women got the boxes placed so quickly I couldn't keep up with them. 
I ran around double checking everything, trying to make certain we had things where we wanted them. 
You think building a house is easy until you get to electrical switches. Then it's crazy trying to make certain we have electricity where we think we want/need it. 
Thankfully, they are doing a great job placing outlets everywhere and offering better suggestions of light placement if needed. 

Downstairs, the final pipes are getting placed in the basement. 
Dan is working on the downstairs office, framing in the ductwork so it's hidden and this room will also have some awesome ceilings. 

Dan even framed in behind the shower now. 
Peeking through the lowered ceiling in the spare room downstairs. So glad it's able to hide all those unsightly pipes! 
Then I headed back inside to look at paint chips with the stone brochure to see if I can make a decision. Tom likes the blue. I'm leaning towards the green or gray. Good thing we don't have to make that call yet!
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