Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brr Cold Day

Today was a beautiful, but very cold day. I took a very quick tour of the house each time I went out. I truly believe that if it is going to be below freezing - there should at least be snow! Oh well, I'm still excited about our house. :)
Here's a closeup of the roof over Tommy's room. They are working on the roof over the screened porch now.  
 Here's the shed roof over the dining room and screened porch.
 View of the roof from the kids bathroom.
 View of our new roof over the porch from the back of the house.
 Looking pretty good!
 The girls couldn't wait to stomp through the creek - but it wasn't easy since it was ALL ICED OVER! So they had a fantastic time smashing the ice instead. 
Becky even found a huge chunk of ice that she tried to break, but it was just too thick. It was at least and inch if not two inches thick! Amazing for here in Tennessee.  
I found some beautiful ice crystals on the ground, so I showed them to the girls, who then had the best time crunching over them. :) 
 Our little farm house. :)
 Despite the cold, the guys were able to put on the final plywood sheeting for the front of the house.
 They also started sheeting the shed roof. 
Our house is really taking shape now! 
So cool to see the roof on! 
 View of the roof coming up the stairs. 
 Girls room. There will be a wall up starting at that window on the left and we will be making the second window on the right be a part of the girls closet. 
 Tommy's room with a view of the shed roof. 
Hallway between the rooms upstairs.  
 View of the office window from the girls room. 
 Tommy had fun checking out all the changes. 
 Nikki had fun hiding in the attic in the homeschool room. 
 Dining room. :)
 It's so neat to see the roof over the dining room finally!
 Another view of the roof over the dining room. Not one you'll get to see later in the coming months. :)
 Becky checking out the screened porch while Nikki inspects the dining room.
 Back of the garage with a beautiful sunset. 
 Front of the house.
 Final look of the house before we froze. :)
 Well, the kids weren't frozen enough...they had to try walking on water before going inside for supper. :) That's actually ice they pushed down under the water.

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