Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shingling the Roof

Today was another super busy day, but it's pretty exciting. The roofers have arrived to start shingling the roof!
They started out shingling the roof over the front porch.  
 Then I had to take off and run to Home Depot to get ideas for our Kitchen. The kitchen designer had an opening when I got there, so thankfully I didn't have to come back another time. He came up with a new layout for our kitchen. I thought it was pretty neat, but it kind of closes off the kitchen from the Great Room and I really want the two to be open to each other. He did make some helpful suggestions when it comes to placing the stove in a protected area (one without the high traffic), so we are going to use that suggestion. 
 Then I saw a vanity that gave me an idea as to what I'm looking for in our guest bathroom. 
 Home Depot took a lot longer than I thought it would, so by the time I finally made it back home, it was almost dark. But the roofers got the garage shingled today so that's a lot of progress!
 They have also put plywood around some of the windows in the dining room. 
 They also lengthened the wall on the right so it would be long enough for us to place our china hutch there. 
 Our master bedroom has plywood walls up now as well. 
 Here's another angle of our master bedroom. 
 Our master closet has also been closed in up top. 
Our office upstairs. 
 The girls room
 Tommy's room
 Can't wait to see the house in the daylight with more shingles on the roof! We're getting so closed to being "dried in"! Yippee

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