Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shingles, Shingles on our Roof!

Those roofers are speeding through getting the roof shingled! They are almost finished with the garage side of the house!
 They are also working on making the drop ceiling in our dining room. They made bracing for part of the wall between the joists...
then built the mini wall for the ceiling. 

Finally they attatched the mini wall to the ceiling and we have section one of our drop ceiling. :)
Tommy and I walked around the screened porch to check out the plywood on the exterior walls. 
 More of the screened porch.
Our master bedroom

We headed upstairs and admired the new roof from our office window.
 We also looked at the new closet for the office and the closet space for the girls room.
View from the office of the Great Room. 
 The plumbers have drilled new holes in the wall for the plumbing in the kids bathroom.
 Tommy peeking out from the kids bathroom where they have drilled the plumbing holes for the toilet.
 Tommy's closet.
View of the front of the house from the playroom window.
 Girls room.
 The gable vent will go in the roof above the girls room.
  The girls closet. Nice and spacious!
 View of the roof from the back side of the house. 
 After lunch I took some additional pictures of the changes in the roof.

Notice that they still need to fill in the plywood walls for the office.
Of course, by this evening the builders finished the plywood over the office walls and the roofers have started on another section of our roof. So exciting! Love our builders!!! :)

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