Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Roof is ON!!!

On our way to the house site today we noticed that...


 Here's the back side of the house with the new roof. 
 And the Farm House side. :)
  Inspecting the new roof over Tommy's room. 
 The door and closet in Tommy's room. 
 Tommy has a nice big window in his room. 
 The crazy beams where the roofs join together above the door to Tommy's room.
 Peeking through Tommy's room to the girls room.

Here's a better view of the girls room - with the closet wall starting to be built!

The kids linen closet. I love how big this room turned out to be! I'll be able to store all the bedding/sheets/towels/tp/paper towel rolls...the list goes on and on for what I can do in this closet! I love it! The other exciting news about this closet is that I can have a LAUNDRY CHUTE!!! The kids will have no excuse when it's time to do laundry because they'll be able to throw all dirty clothes down the chute. Yay!

 Hallway to the homeschool room.
 Our Office.

 View of the hallway upstairs, the downstairs guest bath and partial view of the fireplace.
 View of our back porch and screened porch. 
 The new roof over our screened porch. 
 The new roof over our dining room. :)
The great room with the new roof. 
 It has now become a tradition to stomp in the sandbox full of water now. Crazy kids! :) 
That's all folks! Come back tomorrow to see what else is happening! :)
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