Friday, January 13, 2012

Surprise Take 2!

Well, we got to surprise two kids this morning. 
 Tommy was SO excited about his new bed in his bedroom. He couldn't believe that he had such a cool place to sleep and play in his room. I'm pretty sure he inspected every inch of the new space and even noticed the storage underneath where he said, "Look - I can keep my Legos there!"
Nikki wasn't quite as sure about what was happening, but she was glad that Tommy was so excited. 
 She was more than happy to make crazy faces for me though! :)
 Then Tom and I took them to see Nikki's new space. She was excited about walking on the new floor of her new play space. I told her she could decorate that space however she wanted, but she didn't understand what that meant - she was just happy to run around her new room and try not to fall down any holes in the floor. :)
 We walked around the outside of the house and got to watch them install a window in the playroom. 
 The back of our house. 
 View of our house from the pond. 
The roofer carried up a HUGE pile of shingles up that steep roof. Tommy was very impressed with him.  
Then we watched them lay some of the roofing materials down around the chimney.  

 That evening we went back out to see the house. They have finished a good portion of the roof so far. 
 The plumbers arrived and had started working on the plumbing for the kids bathroom. 
 Then we toured the rest of the house to see the windows. This is Tommy's window. 
 One of the windows in the playroom. 
 Window in the attic storage next to the homeschool and playrooms. 
The window in the girls room.  
 Our Dining Room with the windows and ceiling. 
 View of some of the plumbing that has been installed in the kitchen. I've actually decided to move the kitchen sink over a few more inches so it is more centered on the counter, but you can't see that in this picture. 
 View of the dining room window from the porch. 
 Dining Room window from the screened porch. 
 The windows in the Master Bedroom. 
 Window in the shower of the master bathroom. 
 Another view of the transom windows in the guest bath and master bath.  
 Closeup of Shower in Master Bathroom. They have added the floor bracing for the shower pan or whatever it's called. :) I don't know what it's called since I'm not a plumber! 
 Our Great Room with most of the windows installed. 
 Windows in our Garage. 
 The windows in the office and top of the great room are curved, so they created a special piece to fit over each window. I always wondered what they did to match the wall over the window. Now I know! This piece is waiting to be installed tomorrow in the office. 
Here's what that piece looks like installed in the Great Room. 
 I also took a picture of the window ratings. I'm not sure exactly what the numbers mean yet, but I plan on figuring that out. 
 I told the plumbers that we were putting in a laundry room sink, so they put the plumbing in for that today as well. 
 They have also connecting some pipes to the washer/dryer hookup. 
 This is where the stove will go in the kitchen and there will be a pot filler above it. The pipe is to the kids bathroom, which is directly above the kitchen. 
 Downstairs in the basement we decided to go ahead and finish the downstairs bathroom. It wouldn't be fun to have to finish it later and it will be nice to have another bathroom to use. 
The windows have been installed in the basement living room. 
 The window in the future basement bedroom. 
Window in the basement storage room or office. 
 They have also started putting up HardieWrap house wrap on the house. The other cool thing is that they are taping the windows around the house wrap. Extra protection from the outside maybe?
 View of our main garage. 
 A final view of our house before we went inside for Supper. :) Loving those windows! I still can't believe how quickly this house has popped out of the ground. 

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