Thursday, January 12, 2012

Surprise Surprise!

 We get to surprise the kids today! Dan and Daryl are building the surprise rooms for the kids today!  I was mean and made the kids stay home and do homework so they wouldn't miss out on the surprise later in the day. :) Then I went to talk with Dan and Daryl about what would happen in each room. Buddy came along to approve the changes, and he thought they were pretty cool.  
 They cut out the wall to open up to the girls play room. 
 They have also cut out the hole in the floor of the office for our HVAC system. It will get walled in so it won't be an eye sore thankfully. 
 Dan and Daryl also put the soffit up on the roof above the office. 
The plumbers have been through today as well and installed the washer/dryer hookup and the ice maker hookup for the fridge.  
 Closer view of the washer/dryer hookups. 
 Windows have also been delivered and distributed about the house according to where they belong. This is in the basement living room. 
Our basement office or storage room. 
 Kitchen and dining room windows. 
 Great room windows
 Our doors are being kept in the garage. 
 The plumbers have drilled holes for the master bathroom sinks. I took these pictures during lunchtime while the kids were eating and the builders were taking a lunch break too. Daryl stopped me to ask if he could share some M&Ms he brought for the kids. Aww, what a sweet builder!
 They were a BIG HIT with the kids. Becky made flowers with her M&Ms before eating them. I can't believe how fortunate we are to not only have good builders, but such friendly and caring builders. They really like our kids and I have to say I really like our Builders!Anyway, back to the house tour...this is our Master bath toilet room.
 The transom window for our master bath shower and the new drainage hole. 
 Our master closet window.
 Our Master bedroom windows. 
 A view of our front porch with our completed roof over the garage. 
 Then I had to go workout and do some errands. Becky was insistent that she needed to go do shopping with me, even though Tommy and Nikki were going to go home with Daddy and possibly watch movies. So, it was late when we finally got home. She and I grabbed a quick bite of supper that Daddy had saved for us, then the three of us went to the house site to check out the day's work. 

The first things we noticed was that the trey ceiling in the kitchen was in place finally! Complete with plywood walls. :)
 Then, since Becky was up with us, we decided to surprise her early with the new playroom in her room. She was so excited to learn that she and Nikki get to decorate it however they want to. She wants to decorate it with ponies. I envision it being a play/dress up room, so I might have a little sway over what happens, but I'm sure we can figure out a way to include ponies into the decor. :)
 Then we checked out Tommy's room where they have built a bed loft for Tommy with storage underneath for legos or other toys. There is also room for a built in bookcase in that space. The platform is large enough to put in a XL twin mattress if we ever get one for Tommy, but for now it will hold just a regular twin mattress. 
Then we inspected the homeschool room.  
 After finishing our tour of the upstairs changes, we headed downstairs to the Master Bedroom where we noticed they have started working on the trey ceiling. It was kind of crazy maneuvering around the scaffolding, but it's pretty cool to see it start to take shape. 
 Our screened porch hasn't changed much. 
 We got siding delivered today, so I'm guessing that will happen later this week or next. 
 Today has been so exciting! I can't wait to show off the rooms tomorrow to the other kids! Becky's promised to keep her lips sealed about the surprise at the house, so we'll see if she was able to keep her promise in the morning!

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