Saturday, January 7, 2012

Do you see what I see...

Take a close look at this picture.  Dan is doing something really cool and I'm super excited about it. While you're thinking about it, I'm going to show you some other stuff that's happening with the house. 
They are finishing laying the tar paper on the roof so the roofers can get started next week. This house is starting to really take shape and look great!
 Ok...did you guess that Dan removed all the scaffolding and that we now have WIDE OPEN SPACE in our great room? That's ok if you didn't, because I'm still excited about it. 
  Isn't that view amazing? I love it already!
 We also got the closet built in the office and the closet for the girls room got moved to right beside the office, so they will have a larger room now. 
 I also got a chance to talk with Mike, Dan and Daryl about some additional changes that they want to surprise the kids with next week. I've always looked at the attic space above our master closet and wished that we could do something with it, but figured nothing could be done with it. I mentioned that it was a shame we'd have to have so many attic spaces that can't be used and then Mike said - "You know, we could probably turn some of those spaces into kid spaces if you wanted".  That got the ball rolling, and the four of us found a way to use the space above our master closet for a play space for the girls room. 

Tommy is very loved by the builders though, and they didn't want to leave him without something really cool too, so this wall that Tommy's looking at? It's going to be turned into a bed nook for him. There is just enough space that they can slide a mattress in there and he'll be able to sleep in a "boy cave" (not old enough yet for a man cave, so we have to start small). Both nooks will be sheeted with plywood so if the kids play a little rough in their new spaces, they won't send an arm or leg through the drywall into the attic. This is why I love these builders. They do the COOLEST things for our kids. 
 Anyway, back to other areas of the house. I took this shot of the ceiling over the great room. 
 Tommy decided to tour the outside of the house the same way Dan and Daryl do - via scaffolding. 
 So he climbed up and up and up...
 and decided he'd gone far enough...
 so he came back down. 
 Then it was time to gather up some hot dogs and marshmallows and start up a bonfire to enjoy with my sister and brother-in-law and their baby girl. Tom had fun taking some night shots of the bonfire...
 and of our house lit up by the fire. 
What a great way to end the day and start the weekend, right? Got any fun plans for the weekend? What do you think the kids will say when they see what changes the builders have up their sleeves for them? I'm so excited about it, I can't wait for next week to arrive!

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