Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quickly Changing

The kids joined me today for a tour of the house. 
Becky was excited to see the tub installed since she didn't come see it yesterday. 
She also had fun smiling at Daryl through the window as he worked on installing the siding on the windows on the front of the playroom. 
I don't know why, but the railings have been removed from the screened porch. Maybe they are temporarily gone or maybe they will be working on the posts soon? Who knows!
They are getting scaffolding up on the back side of the garage to start siding there. 
The kids had fun admiring the air return in the basement. 
This is for the upstairs air return.
The kids also stopped to draw some pictures on the driveway when we returned home. Becky apparently drew a hot dog and some butterflies. I think the hot dog was food for the butterflies. She was very proud of it. 
Then we hopped in the car to take a look at brick and stone to hopefully make a decision on what we want. We took a couple of pictures of the changes on the house in case that might help with deciding what brick/stone we want.
I don't know why I thought I needed it to choose stone and brick, but I felt better having it. :)
Mike had us look through the houses at Whisper Creek to see what stone we liked. I like the small stacked stone. Tom likes the larger stone, so we compromised with something called Old World Horizon in Mossy Creek. It's small and large stone together. :) Alas, we don't have a sample of it, but we were able to look at samples of the stone color Mossy Creek to decide on a good brick color. We have tenatively decided to go with the Jenkins Brick in Hampton with gray mortar for both brick and stone. 
Thankfully we can sit on our thoughts for a little while longer before having to make a decision. These decisions are getting harder and harder to make! 

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