Monday, January 16, 2012

Plumbing, Roofing, and Siding - All in One Day!

Today the girls joined me at the house and Tommy stayed home instead. I was quite surprised that the girls BOTH wanted to come outside to see the house and that Tommy wanted to stay inside to do homework, but they were all happy, so it's all good. :)  
We watched them put more house wrap on the house.  
Today the plumbers also arrived to start doing some of the plumbing work. 
 Becky, Nikki and I continued on our walk around the house before heading inside to see some of the work being done inside. Don't those windows look great? :)
Surprise - the girls stopped and admired their handiwork again.
 Whew! That was too much fun! On to the innards of the house - our first stop was the girls room. 
 They are super excited about this playroom off their main room. They want it to be a "My Little Pony" room. I'm sure we'll find a way to incorporate some of their desires into it. 
 The kids bathroom now has some plumbing in it!
 We also stopped to see Tommy's room. Becky loves Tommy's bed. 
 The playroom and homeschool room. 
 Our master bathroom also has some plumbing fixtures now. 
We also have some siding!
 Dan and Daryl were up on the roof adding trim to the Office window. 
 Then the girls and I headed back inside. 
 I came back out later that afternoon and WOW! We have SIDING!!!!
 I'm so excited to see it on the house! We aren't keeping that yellow color though - that's just what color the siding comes in - we'll have to paint it later. 
 Here's a closeup of some of the siding and trim around the roof. 
Our house is really starting to look like a house with that siding on now!
Some of the roofers working on the roof. 
 Getting the flashing right on the roof. 
 The plumbing in the guest bathroom. 
 Plumbing in the basement garage. 
 Our Great Room with a view of some of the new plumbing installed. 
 Our pantry. 
The laundry room now has hookups!
 This is part of the kitchen where the stove will sit. 
 A view of our Garage with all the materials inside. 
 Another angle of our garage so you can see our mudroom entrance to the house. 
Then as I was leaving, the bathtub we ordered arrived!
So I stuck around to watch it be delivered and signed the papers accepting the delivery. :)
  Then I admired the new bathtub. We originally planned for the shower to be upstairs for the kids and the bathtub in the basement, but I found out that showers are actually wider than bathtubs, so the bathtub will have to be upstairs.  
 Don't worry - we'll have a nice walk-in shower in the basement, which will probably work out even better since who knows what kinds of playing in the mud/creek/dirt the kids will be doing someday soon.
 Then I also got to watch them install the roofing on the "eyebrow" roof above the window in the garage.

 The roofers went along and applied roofing cement along the ridges of the roof. 
 It seems like just yesterday this was just a bunch of dirt - and now we are almost done building a house! Crazy!
Another angle of our house. 
 A final look at the back side of the house with the view of the pond. This is an eventual view of the drive to our house. Pretty cool!

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