Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Raising More Roof

Today they are working on the roof over Tommy's room!
 I ran around the house taking pictures of all the angles of this new section of roof. Now we are going to see what our house will really look like (although very few people will probably ever see this side of the house since it is the back, back part of the house.)
 Here's the back of our house that will be constantly used I'm sure. I'm so excited to see what the screened porch will look like eventually. 
 They are getting the rafters up on the roof really quickly. and it's really cool to see how they joined the roofs together. 
 After lunch, they had even more rafters up. 
 The entire back of the house is done now except for the roof over the screened porch. 
 I love the perspective on this picture. 

 Dan is attaching the roof to the other roof - it's a little crazy how the two line up, but it was a lot of fun seeing how the roofs attach together. 

 I snuck inside and WOW! This is getting so exciting! 
 The roof over the kids bathroom upstairs. 
 The roof meeting above the dining room. I need to ask why they created the star pattern. I'm guessing it's for more support though. 

 After Tom came home, we went back outside and got to witness this GORGEOUS sunset!  I may be sad sometimes that we are without all those trees, but God reminds me that he's still in control when he sends such a beautiful sunset!
 Anyway, back to the house - they finished the main section of roof over the house. Yay!
 They added ceiling joists for Tommy's room too. 
 Section where the roofs meet next to Tommy's room. 
 Tommy's closet.
 View out our office window. 
 The homeschool room with a ceiling. 
 The door to the homeschool room with my handsome hubby and beautiful daughter! :)
 View of the office again - this time I noticed that we have ceiling joists! :) So many exciting things! Eeek! :)
Peeking out of the roof from the girls room. to see the new section of roof they've added.  
 Looking up at the roof over the girls room and Tommy's room. 
Bathroom wall and Tommy's wall in the back. 
 Tommy's room again.
 View of our back porch with a peek of the roof. :)
 Finally, the finished view of the back of the house. Tomorrow they will probably put the plywood roofing on top of the roof. Can't wait to see what happens! :)

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