Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Welcome to another exciting day at the building of our house! Actually, since today is Sunday, we weren't expecting to see anyone here. 
 We were surprised to see that the plumbers are working on the hot and cold water pipes in the basement today. 
 The water connections are meeting up here in the mechanical room. 
 Outside the the house we inspected some of the siding. 
 The great room has all the joists installed now, along with some of the vents and ductwork. I love the grid-like pattern on the ceiling. 
 Water connections for the kids bathroom and the kitchen. 
 The office window. 
 Platform over the stairs. I have no clue what I will do here, but I decided to go ahead and put the "plant shelf" here and once I move in, all my friends with great ideas on how to decorate this space can come visit me. :)
 Then Tom and I took the kids to Fort O to see if Lowes had some lights we could be interested in. We stayed until just past closing, picking out the light fixtures and while I checked out, Tom ran to the Home Depot next door to pick up all the can lights. The truck came back full from HD and I have NO idea how we managed to fit all our lights from Lowes in it as well, but we did!
 It was a pretty cramped ride home, so we stopped by dairy queen on the way home to pick up blizzard treats for the kids since they had been so good. 
 Did I mention we were packed down?
 The kids were SOOO EXCITED to move when we got home. 
 So we unloaded our crazily packed truck, put the giddily tired kids to bed, then ran back down to the house site again to check out the work the plumbers did. 

Here's the basement bathroom. 
 Vanity for the basement bathroom. 
 They pulled the pipes in the basement garage closer to the ceiling for us. We didn't want to have to worry about bumping the pipes with anything. 
 The master bathroom has hot and cold water pipes now.  
 Our master bathroom vanity hookups were also created today. 
What a fun day!
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