Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lots of Change

Another brisk morning today - great for motivating the builders to accomplish a lot!  :) Seriously - our builders really worked hard today and lots of things got done. So much got done in fact, that I'm not really sure where to begin, so I guess I'll start on the outside and work my way inside. 

Tom and I took a quick walk around the house to see the work that would be accomplished. The carpenters have started putting siding on the garage side wall today. 
 By this afternoon, they had it finished! :)
Quick look at the pretty siding this evening!
The builders also started putting siding on the back side of the garage.
  By evening, they had covered quite a large section of it. 
 Continuing around the house, they have started putting house wrap on the basement walls and started some wrap on the main level as well.
I think it's funny that the wording is upside-down, but the house wrap is looking good. :) They taped the windows to the house, laid the house wrap, then taped the wrap to the windows again. Lots 'o work if you ask me - but I'm sure that will help our house maintain it's draft free zone! 

 Under the screened porch. Someday we'd like to put a hot tub here. It would be an awesome spot to hang out in the hot water and look out at the pond. :)
 The kids stopped by their handprints to see if they had grown yet...hard to tell by the handprints...but I'd say they've grown a little.
 Continuing on our outside tour of the house, Dan and Daryl started putting siding on the girls bedroom exterior wall.

Dan & Daryl also put scaffolding up so they could put the trim on the soffits. I am so amazed at their ability to take things to a whole new level. I know we're paying them to work, but this looks awesome! :D
 So when evening rolled around again, Tom and I came back out to check the final work. 
  They have now got a few rows of siding up there as well now - and we haven't even moved inside the house yet! Whew!
Let's move on into the house now. 
Our fireplace was installed today! Yippee! Tom and Tommy had fun inspecting it and seeing how it works. The doors slide into the side if you want to see the fire crackling. Pretty cool if you ask me. 

Here's a view of the back side of the fireplace from the master bedroom. 
Another view of the fireplace from the balcony upstairs.
We also have water connections in the kitchen for our pot filler. They continue on upstairs for the kids bathroom. 
Here's the water connections for the bathtub upstairs. 
I changed the location of the sink, so that's why there is a cute little hole beside the kitchen pipes. :) I decided that instead of having drawers beside the dishwasher, I'd prefer them next to the sink so I will have a place for dishtowels. 
This morning the laundry room had the water pipes run, and by evening, everything had been hooked up. 
The water pipes connected in the Laundry room.

Kids bathroom also has hot and cold water pipes now. 

Then as I continued looking around the upstairs, the HVAC guys suggested I climb the ladder to inspect the work up in the attic. So cool!
Vents in Tommy's room.
Kids standing in front of the stovepipe upstairs in the girls room.
A closeup of the stovepipe. This pipe is supposed to be pretty well insulated so the pvc pipe shouldn't be affected by the heat.
The girls had so much fun inspecting the hvac pipes in Tommy's room.

A vent in the office upstairs. 

Down to the basement we go! Here's the guest bathroom downstairs...not much changed here. But...
Check out the mechanical room! Boo-yah! That's some plumbing! :)
In our storm shelter, they are starting to join pipes together to vent to the outside. 
The brass strip here is for our water heater someday. I don't know how it works yet, but that's what it's for.
I'm impressed with everything that got completed today! Crazy fun. :)
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