Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pouring the walls

The pump truck is here to pump our walls full of cement. That is one neat machine!
It was awesome watching it unfold. 
Then the driver got to use a remote control to move the arm wherever it needed to be. Who says remotes are just for kids!  
I think they were checking the concrete to see if it was the right mix for the walls. I'm not really sure though. 
Buddy kept watch over the kids while the pump truck got setup.  
 Then they let 'er rip...or pour I guess!
 When the wall was full, they cleaned it up. 

 Then they moved on to the larger walls. 
 They used a machine that vibrated to break up any air bubbles in the cement.

Once they cleaned up the top walls, this guy came along and added little rebar pegs. I'm assuming that's to connect the wooden walls to these poured walls. 
They were very precise with the top of the wall, measuring to be certain it was flat and even.  

The kids had fun walking around and inspecting everything. 

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