Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finishiing the Hanging of the Drywall

Well, the upstairs is almost complete now. The only thing left here is mudding the walls. I'd say that our playroom has really changed this past week!
Here's our school room - can't wait till we can slap some paint on the wall! Patience is a virtue...right?
Opposite wall inside the school room. 
Our storage room - probably for christmas and holiday decorations. 
The playroom. 
Finishing the drywall in Tommy's room. 
It didn't take much for them to finish it - and Tommy LOVED seeing his room with walls up now. 
Inspecting the little hole in the wall - probably for shoes?
So excited about his new room!
Hallway outside Tommy's room. 
Office upstairs. 
View of the stairwell from the office. 
The Girls bedroom is coming together
The laundry room.

Basement guestroom - before drywall.
The posts have been wrapped in stone now. 
Back of the house is looking pretty good. 
After lunch, I brought my sister down to the house to show it to her. She hadn't seen it since the framing stage - so lots has changed since then!

This is our kitchen looking into the dining room. 
View of our stove wall from the mudroom. 
We watch the drywallers install sheetrock over the front door. It's pretty cool seeing how they put the sheetrock over the door, nail it down, then cut the opening out. 
Master bedroom - before drywall.
When I showed Amy around, half of the walls had been sheetrocked in the master bedroom. 

By evening - the master bedroom had all the drywall up. 

Coat/game closet right outside the powder room. 
Cutting the opening to the basement stairwell. 
Front door. 
Linen closet/laundry chute. 
The upstairs office & closet. 
The office window. 
The painter has begun caulking the exterior walls for paint. 
The stonework has been completed so the masons have cleaned up their work. 
Our front porch is so clean again! 
We also have a door installed in the garage now! Unfortunately, they brought the wrong style door, but that should be an easy thing to fix. 
When Tom got home, we did a final run through of the day. 
Our pretty new porch.
The basement garage has some drywall now. 
The basement living room. 
Media or exercise room. 
Small guest bedroom or Tom's office. 
Basement guest bedroom. 
Basement guest bathroom. 
Can't wait to see what things look like tomorrow! :)
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