Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Laundry Chute and Other Cool Things

Today was something exciting. 
 They are putting some of the trim up on the front porch. 
 The most exciting thing is that WE HAVE A LAUNDRY CHUTE!! 
 It's so cool to see it in place and so clean too!
 Here's a view of it from the laundry room. 
 Back outside, Clint brought his equipment out to spread gravel in our garage so it can get poured!
 We also stopped to watch the brick masons work on the wall. 
 Tommy LOVES watching them work. 
 Adding support to the porch. 
 After lunch we headed back down to the house site. 
 They have REMOVED the front porch boards. It's a little crazy now!
 We also have the gravel spread in the garage. Great job Kyle! 
 View of our Garage through the Kitchen, plus some of the can lights in the Kitchen. I'm so excited about how bright our kitchen will be. 
 We brought our TV mount in to make sure we could get the electrical hookup in the right place on the fireplace. 
 Daryl has also added boards in the wall to support towel bars, TP holders and window curtains. How cool is THAT!
 Daryl also framed out where our built-ins will go so the stone/brick masons can lay stone right up against it. 
 The desk built-in is not finished yet - but should be soon! :)
 The ducts in the downstairs bedroom have all been foamed now. 
 Our media/storage/exercise room. 
 A view from the safe room of the porch above. 
 The ceiling has been put in the storage room in the basement garage. 
 The faucet has been moved down a few inches now so we can actually use it! :)
 Here's the other side of it in the garage. 
 I'm impressed with how neat the electrical wires are kept in the girls room.  
 The air return upstairs. 
 View of the linen closet/laundry chute from the kids bathroom. 
 The plumbers have also connected the bathtub upstairs! All the plumbing in the house is now complete! ;) Yay!
 View of the homeschool room. 
 Upstairs hallway.
 Peeking out the front porch minus the porch!
 Inside the garage. 

 Then we decided to take a final walk around the house for the day. 
 The scaffolding is up on the roof now so they can start work on the chimney!
 They are also working on completing the siding on the back of the house. 
 The back side of the house is all done!
 Another angle of the side of the garage. 
 I like that this side isn't completely boring siding. 
 Now it's time to go back inside and make some supper! Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

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