Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who Let the Crazies Out?

It's a beautiful foggy day today. The fog was super thick, but it was still beautiful with the sunlight filtering through. Tom, Tommy and I hurried down to the house to look things over.
 When the girls finished their breakfast, they walked down to the house together - I love how they held each other's hands as they walked!
 Then we inspected the basement together. We saw that the lights in the basement living room had been installed. 
Then we checked out the guest bedroom.
 Nikki loved peeking out the window and giving it a hug. Things were about to get crazy!
 I got some cute pictures of my crazy kids who actually WANTED to be in pictures today. :)
We got to watch the insulators spray the foam up in the ceiling. 
 It's amazing how the foam is sprayed on super thinly...
 ...then it expands rapidly and covers the pipes quickly!
 Here's the basement living room.
Basement hallway. 
 Basement garage.
 We headed upstairs where we noticed that yesterday they installed the tongue-and-groove ceiling on the screened porch. WOW! It looks AWESOME!!!!
 Then the crazies came out to play. I tried to take pictures of the fireplace and they appeared. 
 So I tried taking pictures of the electrical work in the powder room, and again the crazy appeared!
The electricians have started cleaning up the wires downstairs in the basement, so at least that's looking a bit less crazy. 
The electricians have even labeled what cords go where. 
Our walk-in pantry with can lights.
Then Tom took the crazies on a tour of the light switches and they had fun pretending to turn on all the lights in the house. Thankfully they remembered to turn off all the lights when they left so the electrical bill wouldn't get run up too high! :)
 Tom found some foam insulation last night and tried to convince the kids it was super heavy.
They believed him...and were shocked when they discovered how light it actually was. 

 Then they each had fun showing off how strong they were!
 Tommy loved impressing his sisters with his strength...and also tossing the foam at them. They thought it was a great game. :)
 Back downstairs, our damaged window had been repaired... it got installed.
 Big Mike and Daryl talked about how to turn this sewer pipe (not used!) into a laundry chute. Mike wants to have Daryl build a box to house the pipe so he can build a smaller opening with a lid to discourage kids from playing in the laundry chute. Stories were shared about the fun kids have with laundry chutes. Apparently one of Dan & Daryl's childhood friends climbed down a two-story laundry chute - only to get slightly stuck in the middle and the friend begging them not to get his dad...which eventually led to the dad having to come and get him out. I don't foresee my kids playing in the laundry chute, but I'm glad our builders are making it safer for the crazies and their friends!
 Outside in the garage, I noticed that they marked the placement of our future door and garage door walls. Can't wait to see the actual walls in place soon! Unfortunately, that has to wait for the cement floors to be poured, and that's still a while away. 
 Finally Tom had to leave and go to work, so we headed inside for school and lunch. 
 After lunch, the kids and I went back down to the house site and watched them remove the support posts from the front porch and install slanted supports for the eventual pouring of the cement front porch. 
 The basement siding had been completed on the back side of the house. I think it looks great. :)
We continued around the house to watch the brick masons work on the wall. 
I think it's amazing how straight and even these lines of brick are - and I'm AMAZED to see very little brick scrap on the ground. These guys are NEAT and CLEAN! 
 We also got to watch them cut the brick down in to smaller pieces for the top of the brick wall, where it meets the trim siding. 
 They told Tommy if he came back tomorrow, he could help them lay some brick. He was THRILLED to say the least. :) 
 Then they used a brush to clean up the mortar between the bricks and also wiped off any spilled mortar on the bricks. 
 Then we got to watch the stone get delivered for the house. 
They should be installing some of the stone next week, when they finish with the brick. Can't wait to see what it will look like!

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  1. Its looking amazing, Christy! I am so happy you guys are getting this wonderful opportunity to build your own home. What a wonderful memory for the kids, too. I loved that they were being "crazy" and getting in all the pictures! How awesome is it that Tommy is going to get to lay some brick!!! :) One question: The foam looks an awful lot like a rock ... can it be painted to look like one? How tough is it? I'm thinking it would make a neat playroom decor item, perhaps.

  2. It might be able to be painted like a rock - but the kids had fun destroying it, so that's not an option anymore. :) I thought about trying to use it like clouds or something, but they had more fun tearing it apart so I guess I'll never know. I think it looks harder than it actually is. It hardens, but is still rather squishy to the touch.