Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday Review

So this past week, the drywall got installed in the house. 
 The only place where drywall is really still kinda needed is the garage here. 
 Our greatroom is drywalled, and the mudding has begun in the rest of the house. 

 Our pantry has drywall. 
 The kitchen has been sheetrocked. 
 So has the dining room. 
 Upstairs, the plant shelf nook has been sheetrocked and partially mudded. 
 The office is mostly mudded. 
 The girls room has been mudded. It's kind of interesting to see how the sheet rock has been laid similarly to how you would lay bricks. I never really thought about it before. 
 The door to the girls room and their closet. 
View of the greatroom from the girls room. 
 Tommy's room.  

Tommy's closet.  Nikki loves hiding in the small opening in Tommy's closet. I think we will use that space for shoe shelves. 
  The playroom. 
I think the girls have already discovered this rooms use...what do you think?
 Both girls decided they wanted silly hair today - so I obliged them. :)
 The school room. 
 Crazy Nikki!
 The upstairs office. 
 View of the stairs. 
 Continuing down the stairs all the way to the basement. 
 Basement living room. 
 Guest Bathroom. 
 Our crazy mess of the air conditioning ducts. Someday they will all join together to meet the unit...someday.
 The mechanical room - the red wire is where the water heater will go eventually. 
 Another angle of the mechanical room. 
 The "safe" room. 
 Another view of the safe room. 
 The basement garage. 
 Tom's workspace and the electrical boxes. 
 View of the garage from the workspace. 
 The back of the basement garage. 
 Basement Living room - needs a little cleanup - right?
 View of the living room from the porch door. 
 Basement hallway. 
 Basement Guest bedroom. 
 Closet and door to guest bedroom. 
 Media and/or exercise room. 
 Door on the left is to the closet under the stairs and the one on the right goes into the hallway. 
 This third doorway goes into Tom's office/small guest room. 
 Tom likes the window in this room - so I think he's going to claim this room as his "man cave" ;)
I think that I'd like to put our spare twin bed down here, so maybe it will have a dual purpose. 
 This is a perfect space for a desk maybe?
 This may look like a big room, but it's only a couple feet tall - this is the space under the stairs. We will eventually get it sheet rocked so the insulation doesn't fall out. 
 View of the living room from the bssement bathroom. 
 Now we are heading back upstairs. 
 View of the front door and office area. 
 Our screened porch - I'm not sure who's more excited about using this space - Tom or me. 
There's a small chance it's him, but I'm super excited about having a place to be outside and bug-free. :) 
 Our back porch
The downstairs patio.
  Nikki is so crazy sometimes! She loves the camera.
 The fireplace in the great room - viewed from the dining room. 
 Our laundry shute in the laundry room. 
 Finally it's back to the garage where we started things. 
Another view of the garage.  
Our front porch. 
 Another angle of the front porch. Can't wait to see the siding on the garage!
 One final look at the house. We are taking the kids to play with friends for the rest of the afternoon, while I take my hubby to the tri-state homeshow!
 My favorite things at the home show were the mudroom cabinets. 
I like the cubbies underneath this bench.
I also like the hanging coat rack beside the coat hooks.  
  Some of the kitchen cabinets were pretty neat too. This one had a pull-out cabinet for all the kitchen utensils. 
 I LOVE the spice racks under this cabinet. 
 It came with under cabinet lights. 
 I even liked the glass cabinet they had paired with it. Then I noticed the countertop and loved that! So many choices!
This kitchen display showed spice racks inside the cabinet. Pretty convenient if you're tall - but I'm not, so I was only able to reach the bottom two spice shelves. :) 
 This bathroom vanity display is VERY similar to what we are planning on putting into our master bathroom. The mirrors won't be built in that way and that middle cabinet will go higher - but the look will be very close.  We will probably go with a lighter color too since the floors of our bathroom will be a darker grey color. 
 When we finished up with the home-show, we took our friend and her kids out for pizza and ice cream downtown chattanooga. I don't know why I didn't take pictures, but for some reason, I didn't. Anyway, when we got home, I wanted to check out the house, so we put the kids to bed and headed to the house...where we were surprised with this: 
 The garage was finished!
 It was pretty exciting to see this kind of a change, especially when we weren't expecting it!
 They got all but this back wall completed! Woo-hoo! What a great ending to a great day! :)

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