Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fluffing Up the House for Valentine's Day

Today is Insulation Day!

 The insulators have come to fill our walls with cellulose and WOW is it fun to watch! ;) Even their truck is really cool!
 They brought in scaffolding to fill up some of the harder to reach areas. 
 Tommy was excited to see how they were going to use all of the hoses!
 It felt like we had giant anacondas everywhere! Well, maybe not, but it was pretty crazy!
The spiderweb wall in the garage. Gotta have something for the cellulose to stick to. 

 First they foamed all the joints in the house. That's what the orange looking goop is around the window. 
 They put it between the sheets of plywood and caulked the outside walls. 
 Tommy found a spot of foam that he thought looked just like an elephant. That made his day. 
 Then they put foil against the back side of the wall so any heat would get reflected off the house. 
 We also noticed that they added webbing to the garage wall. 
 Upstairs they foamed anywhere there was a hole in the wall. 
They also foiled all the open-air-but-exposed-to-exterior-walls as you can see in the girls dress up room.
Tommy is enjoying his time behind the wall - won't be long till this is all covered up!
View of the Great Room with the insulation tubes almost ready to start blowing fluff into the walls.

Downstairs in the basement, they have added fiberglass batting to one of the walls in the exercise room. 
The extra bedroom/office in the basement.
Outside they were almost ready to begin pumping cellulose (aka - shredded paper trash - and it stinks!) into the walls.

The paper was packed in bales and then there is a tank of water nearby. Somehow the two get combined to spray it all over the walls. 
Finally they began spraying it onto the walls...
...and wow was it messy! 
Kinda reminds me of trying to dig holes in Tennessee with a pressure washer...
Anyway, we had fun watching them spray it on the walls.
Meanwhile, we were getting holes knocked in the stairwell to accommodate for the transom window to match the powder room. Want to know another interesting tidbit?
It fits PERFECTLY in the stairwell and looks very intentional! I was afraid it would look lopsided, but it doesn't...and it gives some great light on an otherwise dark stairwell. 
See our matching transoms? Tres bien. :)
Back with the insulators, they were ready to start the next step in filling our walls. 
A gian rolling pin type device that shaves off the excess cellulose from the wall.
It made the walls super clean looking. 

The garage is also getting a makeover today...with plywood. :) 
That's it for the house...
...but I have to share what my awesome family got me for Valentine's Day!
Hidden behind a blanket, under a laundry basket was my valentine's day/birthday gift. Pink tulips and my favorite...York Peppermint Patties. :) I'm really not sure which I am more excited about!

For fun, Tom and I also gave the kids Valentine's Day gifts too...Becky got the blue tiger, Nikki got the brown kitty, and Tommy got a blue bouncy ball - and he was more excited than I have EVER seen him. Too excited to stay for a picture in fact. :)
Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day too!
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