Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tommy the Tool Man

Today we contributed to the building of our house. Not by building a wall or anything that exciting, but...
 Tommy got to use his tools to help install our CAT6 cables. First he nailed in the the electric box. 
 Then Tom showed him how to push the wire through the hole and pull it out the other side. 
 I caught Nikki sticking her tongue out, so I asked her way she was doing that...
 She grinned and said...
 "I just wanted to know what color my tongue was!" Such a silly girl. :)
 Some of the builders also showed up today to build the external walls of the garage. 
Here is the wall between the two garage bays... 
 ...and here is where the exterior door to the garage will be soon. 
 They are getting ready to place the header in the wall for the door. 
Ta-da! It's in now! :)
Tom and Tommy  kept busy installing more of the network cables. I think Tommy enjoyed climbing through all the walls. 
 Here's a finished product. 
 Sometimes the wires were tricky to work with, so Tom pulled those. 
   Some places were tricky to install the boxes since there were boards saving a place for drywall when the fireplace gets covered in stone. Those were just hung in the approximate area until those boards were removed. 
 Tommy learned how to carefully cut the cables.
 He also learned how to punch the hole in the electric box for the wires. 
  Sunday passed by quickly and before we knew it, it was dark. But here are some final pictures of the garage. 
 Doorway into the garage.
 Finally, a view of all the doors in the garage. :) Oh Happy Day!

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