Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Continuing Drywall

Drywall is making its way down the walls now. :) This is the homeschool room starting to take shape with walls now. 
The storage room upstairs. Tommy was watching the brick masons stir up some mortar. 
Here he is pouring it into the wheelbarrow and once full, will take it to the masons who are laying the stone wall outside. 
Peeking through the storage room door to the homeschool room and beyond it is the playroom. 
The hallway outside Tommy's room, the playroom and the kids bathroom. 
Becky had fun playing in the greatroom while we walked around upstairs. 
Then she joined us to show off her bedroom. 
I think this room is Becky's favorite. 
Can you imagine the beautiful dresses she and Nikki will have fun showing off to us?
The girls closet. 
Buddy even joined us for a tour of the house. Enjoy it while you can Buddy! :)
View of the fireplace from the upstairs hallway.
The outside of the house is starting to take shape. Only the garage is left!
Tom inspecting the new stone walls on the front porch. I like how they look. We will be covering the siding up with fake shutters though, so that look will change too. 
I'm loving this stone. :)
A closeup of our house. 
Can't wait to live here soon!

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