Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cutting Up

Today we had fun walking around our new garage floor. 
 It's a wonderful place to run and play and dance around now. 
 Thankfully it doesn't bring out the silliness...
 oh wait...maybe it does!
 I love these silly kids!
 Here's a view of the garage before the floor gets sliced. 
 Our house is looking more and more like a home every day!
The concrete guys came back later in the day once the concrete had dried for about 24 hours and made cuts to hopefully encourage the concrete to crack in the right places. :) 
 It's a perfect place for four-square now or maybe even 6-square? :)
 Here's a closeup of the chimney. I think it looks awesome!
 They covered the front porch in leftover tar paper to protect it from the stone and mortar that will be getting placed soon! The wind was pretty strong though, so it looks pretty crazy now. :)
 Goodnight future Home, Sweet, Home! 

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