Friday, December 9, 2011

If I thought yesterday was busy...

Whew! Today was a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of day. I woke up, thinking that we would have our normal day: eat breakfast, visit the new house, start school work, eat lunch, visit house site, finish school work, play, eat supper, visit house site. Well we did most of it as planned...except school was optional...and boy was today fun!
 The kids were so excited to watch Clint & Kyle run their big machines. 

Then they wanted to draw pictures of what was happening. Tommy drew one picture, then quickly lost interest... 

...but the girls kept going...and going...and going. None of their pictures had anything to do with building a house, but the girls had a blast! Becky drew pictures of cats & dogs, and then a girl named Becky who got to eat fruit salad for breakfast. 
 Nikki began drawing too...and it looked like she was drawing pictures of the house. 
 She finally finished her creation and showed it to me.
 Nope it wasn't a house, and it wasn't a bird or a cat or a caterpillar. When I asked her what she drew a picture of, she glanced at her paper, grinned up at me and said "Scribbles!" At least she's honest! :)  Then the girls had to show off their artwork to the boys. 
 We went upstairs and Tommy showed us his best artwork - where he had helped mark the lines in the bathroom yesterday. He told me "I thought that you had to pick up the line and throw it down, but nope, you just pull the string and let go and the mark is there!"
Then Darryl asked me if it would be ok to show Tommy how to fire a nail gun. Tommy was thrilled when I said yes and listened very intently. Darryl very carefully explained that the nail gun was dangerous and should NEVER be touched unless Tom & I were with him. EVER. Then he showed Tommy the parts of the Nail gun and how they worked together. 
When he showed Tommy how to disconnect the air from the nail gun, the burst of air made Tommy jump about a foot in the air! He was definitely taking everything super seriously. 
His first shot spit out two nails, but his second shot he figured out to pull gently enough to only let one nail out. The board he nailed is for the header over his window, so now he has officially helped build this house.

Then we watched Michael start working on the wall for the homeschool room.

Dan worked on getting handrails on the stairs. Those guys must really like our kids, because later when we came back, I noticed two sets of handrails - one kid sized - up both flights of stairs. How cool is that!
After watching Tommy's contributions to building the house, the girls also tried to make their mark by drawing x's on the ground...all over the place. I finally had to put a stop to it, but boy were they proud of their contributions!
Becky got a little crazy and had to show off some of her crazy faces. Don't know what possesses her sometimes, but she makes me laugh!
Then we went back down to watch Clint backfill behind the garage. 

We also got to watch a couple loads of gravel get dumped. 
Which the girls promptly named and began climbing on.
Tommy observed from the bobcat. 

Then we went in for lunch and quiet time and came back out to see what had happened. They got a few walls up after lunch. 
We walked around the house so we wouldn't get in their way.

Then went down to play in the stream while we watched them work.
The kids went exploring.
Then built a dam.
Becky & Tommy each found a favorite rock.
Nikki found a mud puddle...need I say more?
Meanwhile the rafters got put on above the master bedroom.

Tom got home early, but not before the workers headed home for the day.

So we looked over their work for the day. I noticed the handrails for the kids here.
We also found the spot that Tommy had nailed in the window header. 
We looked at the rafters over the master closet. 
The girls had fun walking up and down the hallway.

Then Nikki and Tom raced around the garage for a bit. Nikki loved it!
View of the kitchen and our new stairs. :)
We gave the kids the job of picking up stray Beck promptly organized them.

The I-beams got delivered for the they must be planning on working on them next week. 
Then we all went back home for supper.
It was wonderful to have a play day today!

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